Preparing for the journey

Hello my name is Kyle. I am 24 years old and have decided to drop everything and go travel the world. Today I purchased one way airline tickets to Kauai, Miami, and Colombia. I plan on sharing my experiences with the world. I plan on finding places to work while I travel to make money while I go. Every new place that I visit, I will be taking many photos and posting them on this website. I have about 2 and months till I leave on my journey. I already have the one way plane tickets purchased for my first 3 destinations. I did not buy the ticket insurance so there is no backing out. I have already been reaching out to locals in Kauai to find work and a place to stay and work. If you are reading this odds are you are good friends of mine or have met me recently and have chosen to support my adventure. I am excited to see the world and learn about new cultures. Thank you for your support.