Chasing Waterfalls

These past two days have been unreal! I still can’t believe that my journey has only just begun. With every new day that goes on i become better friends with the people I am around. I had no idea that i would not only meet so many people but have strong family type connection with each of them.

The first waterfall we went too was called Wailua Falls. Being in the water below this powerfall watefall was so beautiful. As you can see in the video we swam up behind it then jumped through it. 

The second waterfall we went to is called Secret Falls. The only way to get to it is by kayaking 2 miles then hiking up to it. I ended up bringing 5 girls with me which ended up being pretty fun! After that amazing experience we headed back to the hostel and made chicken and waffels! I have never had it before but can say i am a fan. Later that night we went to Secret beach and had a campfire. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime.