A couple days ago a we got a big group of people together to hike the Awa’awapuhi trail. On the way there we stopped to see this beautiful canyon. Its hard to tell from the picture but on both sides of me there is a straight drop which goes down thousands of feet. I was pretty nervous walking over to the spot but it was worth it.

The Awa’awapuhi trail is about a 6 mile round trip hike which takes you to the cliff sides of the Nā Pali coast. If you ever plan on coming to Kauai i highly suggest adding this to your bucket list. We walked along the mountain ridge and we all hungout and took pictures. After a couple hours everyone wanted to rush out to try and catch the sunset on a beach. I wanted to stay and watch the sunset on the clifside. I told the group that i was thinking about staying. Two other people in the group felt the same way so they stayed with me. The rest of the big group decided to leave and took the cars as well. 

Going into making the decision we knew that we were 17 miles into the canyon and 3 miles into the hike. And on top of all of that after we were out of the canyon we were an additional hour away from home. But we still decided we would wing it and either walk or hitch a ride back home. We stayed for the sunset and the entire experience was unreal. When the sun went down we hiked out of mountains with the most beautiful stars above us. There was no light absolutely no light pollution and it was an unbelievable experience. 

After we trekked out of the mountains i guess we all were hoping someone in the group came back for us, but that didnt happen. We started the walk out of the canyon. I felt like we walked 3 miles down the rode and tried to flag cars down to hitch a ride. The road we were on was so far into the state park that there would be 1 car every 30 minutes. Finally a car stopped and offered us a ride down out of the canyon. He saved us 17 miles of walking. Right before we found that ride i called in a big favor from my local friend Brandon who got out of bed to come get us. By the time we finished hitching a ride out of the canyon Brandon was pretty close by. We all jumped in his car and he brought us all the way back home. 

Being in the moment and making the decision of staying with knowing that in some way we would figure out how to make it back home is the reason why i am loving this journey. Experiences like these only happen once. And being able to watch a sunset on the Nā Pali coast cliffs doesnt happen everyday. Being surrounded by people who are wanderers and travelers who think the same is awesome. Two other people felt the same way i did about staying with knowing before hand that we would have to get back on our own and hike back in the dark. If i could hike 3 miles in the dark, get out of a 17 mile canyon at night and then figure out a way to get back to the other side of the island an hour away, then i know i can take on anything in life. 

Wanderlust. ✨