Another Day Another Story

Today some other hostel volunteers and I went out to Lihue to hangout at a beach. We spent some time relaxing, playing vollyball, and swimming in the water.

After the beach we decided to check out a waterfall on the way back home. We also walked over to check out the Wailua River from a lookout. I posted up a picture on instagram of the view from the lookout.

After that we headed back home and picked up some meat from the store. We all cooked some pasta together. I had so much fun with these girls today. They are all becoming really great friends. Today was just another day in beautiful Kauai and another story for the books.

Making memories in Kauai

I am having an unbelievable journey so far. I went to this beach called shipwrecks beach and went to the clif and decided to do a backflip off it into the ocean. Right before i jumped i saw a massive sea turtle swimming below so I decided to grab some snorkeling gear and check it out. I was never able to find that turtle again but i made some new friends who were out spear fishing and they let me try it. The fish were way to fast for me so I didnt catch anything. 

The next morning I woke up and a fellow hostel volunteer who instructs yoga had invited me to join. I decided to give it a go and try it out. There was four of us in the morning right at sunrise. I have meditated before and for some of the positions i felt super relaxed as if i was meditating. All in all it was a great start to my morning. 

But my morning didnt end there! I went back upstairs to make some food and noticed there was dolphins right out in the ocean. I went straight downstairs and got the kayak ready and went out into the ocean! I have never paddled out into the ocean on a kayak before and the rush of going over waves was such a great feeling.

I finally got out to the dolphins and it turned out to be a pack of about 100. They were swimming all around me. I took out my gopro and started to record them. After some recording i decided to jump into the water. Ill just say that my experience in the water didnt last long. I got freaked out and jumped right back into the kayak. I have swam with dolphins raised in captivity but never wild ones. The fact that there was so many of them and that they were wild started to make me worry. So i jumped back into the kayak and follow them around for about an hour.

Later on in the day i met up with another local friend named Urijah. We went and hiked the “Sleeping Giant”. It was an incredible hike that takes you to this super steep cliff. We spent a lot of time taking about my journey and life. The conversations we had were very enlightening to say the least. Urijah told me a story about how Cortez set his ships on fire before conquering a battle so that his men knew that there was no turning back. I then told him when i bought my one way air tickets to various places i had opted out of buying ticket cancelation insurance and in doing so i “set my ships on fire” because there was no backing out.

Mahalo 🙏🏻

I am currently on the hostel deck overlooking the ocean and going through photos. I am going to post up photos from Kauai on the site very soon. Tonight i will be working a shift next door so i am putting out this update now before I go in. 

I just want to say thank you for checking back and reading my posts. I can see many of you are coming back daily and reading about my adventures. If anyone posts up a photo on Instagram either of me or of a picture i have taken and writes about my journey ill ship you a cool gift from Kauai. Just tag me in the photo and ill message you for your mailing address.

Mahalo 🙏🏻


Today i spent most of my day in Hanalei Bay laying on the beach! I also went exploring and found a small waterfall near by. Brandon, my local friend, met up with me later in the day and we ended up going to jacuzzi at a near by hotel. When i got home i realized that i did a great job applying sunscreen except for on my back. I looked in the mirror and noticed my entire back was red. 

On a positive note the sunset was amazing! I took many pictures and will be posting them up soon!

Its getting pretty late here so im going to call it a night. Out here in Kauai when you are finished or done with something they call it a pow.