Day 1

So I finally made it to sleep last night at around 1AM. I ended up spending the night at a hostel in Kauai. They only had a couch available so i took what i could get. I got woke up by everyone walking around which was ok because i was able to catch the sunrise at 7AM. The hostel I stayed at was right up next the beach so the view was beautiful. 

Around noon i met up with this cool local named Brandon who took me over to The north side of the Island. He turned out to be a really cool guy. We hung out and got some lunch and had some really cool dragon fruit called lila cai. I am probably spelling that wrong but thats how it is pronounced. It tasted sweet but also sour like a warhead. I cant wait to get more of them!

After lunch we went over to Queens Bath which is a place you have to go to when you visit Kauai. I am now writing this update from a beach in Haena. I am camping out right at the trail head of the Napali Coast. All of this planning and i am sitting here actually doing it. Its all unreal. Ill be posting up some videos soon!

And so it begins…

Wow. Talk about a ruff start. I had an amazing NYE but I ended up not going to sleep until 4:30AM. My flight depart time was 9:45AM so i figured i could get a couple hours of sleep. I put 2 alarms on for 6:10 and 6:11. 

Picture this. You get woken up by a friend saying its 9AM. You somehow turn off the alarms while you are sleeping with no memory of turning them off. The airport is 30 minutes away. That is pretty much what happened today.

Of course I jumped in the car with a friend and tried to make it. But that didn’t work out…
Its all ok though. My airline ended up switching my flight for a later flight. Free of charge which was pretty cool. 

I am currently writing this update on my flight. I am about half way to Kauai at this point and am already missing my friends at home. I am not sure what to expect on this solo journey but i know that it will change my life. I have already made some friends on the flight who are also backpacking and have invited me to come backpack Napali Coast with them. This is something that i have been wanting to do but couldn’t because to book a campsite you need to have a reservation months in advance. 

I plan on posting updates like these often so check back from time to time if you want to see what I am up too!