Island hopping

This past week I have gone to the Big Island and to Oahu. I flew to the Big Island to see lava and I flew to Oahu to climb the stairway to heaven.

When I got to the Big Island I headed staight to the hostel. After 5 minutes of being in there I met another traveler from Boston and went out to a Kava bar nearby. I have never had kava and was a bit skeptical of the effects. There is no alcohol or drugs in it but it makes your body super relaxed and almost numb. Jimmy Johnson my new fellow traveler friend had just met informed me that he had a car for the week. So we quickly planned some ideas for the following day. I knew i only had 2 days on the island so we had to jam pack as much as possible while I was there. 

That next morning we woke up super early to see the lava pour into the ocean. We drove all the way to the end of the road near the volcano and then rented bikes. It took us about 40 minutes to ride 4 miles there. We then parked the bikes and walked over to the cliffs to take some pictures. I posted a photo on my instagram of what it looked like during the day. I am lucky to have seen what they call a fire house effect which is pretty rare. Its when the lava looks like a waterfall and shoots out into the ocean. 

Right after that we decided to head to the tallest mountain of the world to see some snow. Because why not?  Mouna Kea is over 10,000 meters tall while Mount Everest is only 8,850 meters tall. We drove as high up the mountain as possible before we had to stop because we did not have four wheel drive. Luckily me being now a professional hitch hiker was able to get us a ride in a jeep to the very top. The couple that brought us up were super friendly and full of life. When we got to the very top there was a lot of snow. We parked the car and started to make way to the peak. I was getting so light headed I felt like I was going to pass out a few times. When we finally got to the peak we took photos and I even picked up a big rock and added it to the small pile of rocks at the top. So I technically made the tallest mountain of the world even taller haha. 

After that we came down the mountain and visited some amazing waterfalls. We found a waterfall that was over 400 feet tall. As night came I was really wanting to go back and see the lava pour into the ocean at night. I brought it up to Jimmy Johnson and it wasnt that hard to convince him to come because of how amazing our day was going. As night came we went back to the bike rental shop just before they closed and rented some bikes. They told us to just lock the bikes up when we got back. We went another 8 miles just to see the lava pour into the ocean. This time i wanted to see it up close. I went past the restricted area around where the lava goes into the ocean to get an up close view. Wow. I was about 30 feet from the lava waterfall and I was just memorized. It was by far the most powerful thing I have ever seen in my life. It was super dangerous because the lava cliffs collapse randomly and there is lava shooting out everywhere and some spat out super close to me. Luckly nothing bad happened to me and I was able to see such a powerful and beautiful part of Hawaii.

The next day i jumped on to a plane headed for Oahu. Right when I landed I instantly felt like there was absolutely no Aloha spirit. It is a massive island with a population of about a million people. Most people are rude and almost every hawaiian i came in contact with was either completely racisit or felt entitled. I even asked questions at times and they did not respond to me. It was all ok because my moms friend Rhonda who i found out was almost like a second mother to me when I was a kid lived on Oahu. She picked me up that night and brought me to her home on the north side. 

The next day I found someone who wanted to climb stairway to heaven with me. She happened to be an Officer in the Navy so I got a tour of the Pearl Harbor naval base. The next morning we woke up at 3AM and started the journey. We ended up getting super lost in the jungle after about an hour and gave up. I almost never give up on anything so it was a big let down to myself. The situation was just bad all around I am lucky we were able to find our way out of the jungle. My chance was blown and I flew all that way to climb the stairway. I was considering buying a new plane ticket just so I could have a second chance at climbing the stairway to heaven. As the day went on I figured that If i tried it again I could make it down the mountain quick enough to catch my flight out. But the problem was that I would not have a place to stay the night if I did go through with waking up that early. This local guy who found me online had went up 16 times already and told me that he would help guide me up. My only option was to sleep on a beach for a few hours and wake up and go. So I slept 3-4 hours on the beach holding all of my gear as tight as possible so i would not have anything stolen from me. Manny my personal tour guide arranged us a ride at 3AM as well. If you ever need a tour guide of Oahu i can give you his information just ask me for it. 

3AM finally came and I woke up to be still holding all of my items. We met up with his friend and started to head to he mountain. Manny was able to successfully bring us straight to the stairway and we made it early enough to where there was no guard. 

This was the most sketchy climb I have ever done. Parts of the stairway were broken. If you stepped on certain parts of the metal stairs it would shift and make you slip. It was all metal and wet as well. We did about 4,000 stairs to the top. At some parts it was a completely vertical staircase so it was basically a ladder for hundreds of feet. There was a part of the climb up I had to take a second to myself and push myself to keep going up and not look down. 

We finally made it to the top and of course there was about 30 other people up there. Got to love people who think the same way and like to do crazy and illegal things too. I had completeled what I had set out to do and after I took a ton of photos and videos I started my way down and was able to make it out for my 11AM flight back to Kauai.