Key West meets southern hospitality

So I have been down in the Florida Keys, specifically Key West for the past week. I found myself in a strange situation with the person I went down there with but ended up meeting this beautiful family at the hotel I was staying at. They knew what was going on and offered me a spot in there room for the rest of the week. They are from Atlanta Georgia and they have got to be the sweetest family I have ever met. I have never known what southern hospitality was until I met them. We spent the week going out on jet skis, going out on catamarans and snorkeling together. We also made sure to spend a lot of time at the pool at the hotel. I hungout with Laura’s daughter Taylor a lot and shared many stories and laughs with her, we even had a little fun with color smoke grenades.

They ended up offering me a ride back to Fort Lauderdale. I am now in the car with them writing this update. About an hour ago we started talking about their home in Georgia and that I didnt have to go to Colombia for another week. The conversation eventually ended with me adding another spontaneous adventure for my journey. I am going to be joining them for the entire 14 hour car ride back to Atlanta Georgia.

You never know who you are going to meet in this world and how far a simple hello and a positive attitude will go. This story of how I met this family is a perfect example of that. I was at the elivator at the hotel and all it took was, “hello hows it going” to Shannon and Laura from Georgia. We talked for a couple minutes then went on with our day. Later that night while waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel I heard “Kyle from California” i turned around and it was Shannon and her family. We started talking even more and they told me about a snorkeling tour on a catemeran the next day. I instantly fell in love with the idea and said I would go!