I made it to Colombia

I look out from my window seat and see beautiful green mountains and mountains for as far as I can see. Lucky for me i picked the left side window seat because just before landing the plane made a massive left turn and I was able to see most so much of the landscape before we landed. I get off the plane off the plane and make my way over to customs. At this point it starts to set in that Ill really have to start only speaking spanish. I get up to the customs agent and start talking to him in Spanish to my surprise the entire process was very easy. He asked me what I plan on doing in the country and how long ill be here for. I told him I am here as a photographer and will be here for about a month. After i get through customs one of my friends from back in Los Angeles was waiting outside for me. We get into a taxi and head over to his familys apartment and then go to a mall to eat some food. Later that day we ended up going to his friends house not to far away. This is where I am currently staying for a week. In Medellin they have “estradas” or class levels. So level 1 is pretty much the slums and level 5 is the upper end. I am fortunate enough to be staying in a level 5 area of the city.

Yesterday we went out to this cable car that goes up the mountains. Its very interesting out here. Usually back home the very wealthy homes are at the top of the mountains over looking the city but out here its the exact opposite from what i have seen and have been told. So on our way to the cable car we take a train. Before i get onto the train i take out my camera and take a couple photos. As i am doing so my friend tells me to be very careful and make sure i am holding my camera tight. It starts to set in that i need to be very careful out here in certain areas. The train comes and we all squish in to this train and you wouldnt believe how many people were in this train. We had to pretty much force our way into a small area of the train. I forgot to mention that I am also traveling with my friends daughter which you can see her in a few of my instagram stories. So, our stop is about 10 stops away and every single stop the doors open up. Maybe 1-2 people get out each time. Let me repeat that. 1-2 people get out each time. Then 10-15 people throw them selves in each time. It was a complete madhouse and I LOVED it haha. I mean i was holding onto my Iphone and wallet the entire time but it was seriously so funny.

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