I had the opportunity to visit the Piedra del Peñol in Guatape for a few days and it was so beautiful! From sitting at a computer screen at home in Los Angeles to actually walking to the top of the rock was mind blowing. If you really want something bad enough in life you will find a way to make it happen and thats just what I did. I was told about this place from Rafi a friend of mine from back at home. It turns out that his friend is apart of the family that owns this rock. Yes, they really do own the rock. Here is a photo of me and two of the family members.

We stayed with the family for a few days and it was such a unique and memorable experience. When we got to Guatape we were invited over to one of the houses of the family. They were so kind and the little kids taught me some new games as well. Admist all of the fun something happened that really took me aback and shocked me. I was out in this area nearby their home and found a ton of cute puppies I played with all of them and as I was leaving one of the family members goes into some bushes nearby and pulls out this little puppy covered in mud. The puppy wasn’t moving and I thought that it might be dead. I quickly asked what happened and she responded saying that it was crushed and its back legs didn’t work. She put her with the other puppies and I stood there in shock. Everyone left and I went and spent 30 minutes sitting with her and doing anything I could to give her comfort. I couldn’t leave her there so I brought her back to the house and sat next to my Rafi. And what happened next will define my friendship with Rafi forever. I looked at him as he was holding her and said lets get her fixed up. He quickly responded without hesitation ok. No matter the cost we would do what it took to stop her suffering. The next morning we woke up early and drove an hour and half with “Kila” to a vet in a nearby city. I decided to name her Kila because since I got here everyone has been calling me Kilo. People in Colombia have a very hard time saying Kyle so over here it is Kile but for some reason Kilo came up and it stuck. So thats why I named her Kila.

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