Jesus Nazareth

So I found myself wandering the streets of Medellin. As you may know by now I am now traveling with a friend I met in Miami. Her name is Kara and she has been a really great travel companion! So as we are wandering the streets we happen to come to this massive church. This specific church has been a location I have been wanting to check out for a while now. Remember that day I took the train and had that very memorable experience getting squished, well that same day while I was on the train I looked way out into the distance and saw this specific church. I told myself I would eventually find it and check it out. So here I was standing right in front of exact church and I wanted to get a cool photo of it from a rooftop somewhere. I walked around for a bit and then decided I would go inside and check it out from the inside. We open the first door and there is a lady working at the front. I ask her if we can check out the church. Little did I know we just walked in from the back of this place. She asked us where we were from and what specifically we wanted to see. I was still unsure about what I wanted to see so I replied that I wanted to see everything.  She looked at us and said hold on. She then walked around and opened the door and let us in. So what happened next was one of those instances where you tell yourself “I had no idea I would be doing something like this today, tomorrow or ever for that matter.” She brought us to the groundskeeper and had him give us a tour. We followed him confused on where we were going. As we walk deeper and deeper down beneath the church it became evident that we were walking into the crypts. I started looking around and I must have been standing in these narrow hallways that had thousands of people buried. Don’t get me wrong the experience was very… memorable. Its just not something I would have seen myself doing if that makes sense. As I was down there I showed the utmost respect for those who were buried there and was fascinated with the artwork everywhere, even on the ceilings. This entire place was a very sacred and hidden away place and I was lucky enough to have a  tour of it.

So this story doesn’t really end here. As we leave the crypts we are saying our goodbyes and the lady who let us in asks us to come meet the “boss” or the priest of the entire church. Without hesitation I said yes we would love to meet him.

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