So I kissed a stingray

I am currently on the the Caribbean Island of Colombia! I have been soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful bright blue waters. The other day we took a boat out to El Acuario. Its an island about 15 minutes off of San Andrés. Right when we got there I saw a ship out in the distance that looked like it was shipwrecked. I started asking the person who brought us to El Acuario about it and he said they have tours we can do another day to get there. Knowing that it was such a beautiful day I told him I would pay him extra cash now to bring us there. He then agreed and I was able to get super close to the shipwreck. He told us that it has been there for 10 years and is washed up on the coral. After we took photos of the shipwreck we went back to El Acuario. We jumped in and started snorkeling around for a while then swam to another island. After a few hours of hanging out on this beautiful island we swam to it was time to go. While we were waiting for our boat ride back to San Andrés There were a few massive stingrays in the water. I jumped right in and started hanging out with one of them. I will admit I was a bit nervous but it ended up being a really cool experience. At one point I gave one of the stingrays a kiss haha. Overall it was a great experience and another story for the books. The photos of the shipwreck will show below if you are signed in.

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