What is culture?

I set out on this journey to fully submerse myself into the different cultures from around the world. I know that there is yet so much to see out there but being able to reflect upon what I have seen thus far is very important to me. I have learned that words can take on different meanings to different people. When I was out in Kauaii the term Aloha had a specific and unique meaning that resided in each person. To me personally, Aloha means treating everyone as if they are a guest in your own home and ensuring you do everything you can to share positive energy and kindness to all. This was what I learned from the culture from living on the island for almost 3 months.

As I was on this scooter traveling around this beautiful island, just off the coast of Colombia, I asked myself what is culture. So I started defining it in my own way as I watched the surroundings around me. To me thus far in my journey, culture is the true spirit of the place you are in, its the energy and creativity that the people living in an area create.

So here I am on this scooter and am going through the city and watching so many others on scooters flying by.  There is a certain smell in the air from someone cooking food in a nearby house as i go by. I see beautiful artwork painted on walls. This one particular artwork on a wall by the ocean caught my eye, so I made sure I got a photo with it.

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