Sitting in the beifahrer seat

I am currently on a road in South France sitting in the “beifahrer seat” of a bright red Volkswagon van. In English beifahrer means the co driver seat or shotgun. That being said, I will have a couple of hours to get together all my thoughts and experiences over the past month, so get comfortable this might take a while. I left Colombia a few weeks early to help out a friend of mine in Fort Lauderdale. He has a pretty serious weight problem and I offered to come work with him and get his diet fixed and get him on a routine at the gym. I soon found out that it is suuuuper hard to help promote change in someones life if they are not truly ready for it. I still tried non the less and spent extra time finalizing my plans for EDC Las Vegas.

EDC Las Vegas. Wow. It all started when I was on a beach in Hawaii talking with friends from around the world. I decided to rent out a mansion for the week and have all my friends stay. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I brought together over 25 people from all around the world and was also able to bring my little brother to his first EDC.

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