Open Mindness is Key

Getting lost in Europe. Wait… Finding myself in Europe. Yeah that sounds better. I went from having one of the most incredible trips of my life in South France to having yet another incredible trip in Amsterdam. I went to Amsterdam to go to the last Sensation White but quickly discovered how fun of a city Amsterdam is. Everyone should visit Amsterdam once in their life. My adventures around the city quickly went by in the blink of an eye. Before I knew it I was on a bus to London. Wake up again and we are at the French boarder entering the United Kingdom when French Police come onto the bus. My friend and I get picked out of the group and were quickly questioned. For some strange reason they thought that we had drugs on us. Strange. So there I was in a french holding take getting strip searched. Yeah got fully naked in front of two french officers. After they find nothing on us we go back into another room where 8 officers have us sign a document saying that they found no drugs on us and we were free to go. As we are leaving the main officer says “Good Game”… Lucky for us our bus waited for us to get violated and we were on our way to London.

We finally get to London and I quickly order us an Uber. The Uber arrives and the driver helps load our bags in the back. I then go to what should have been the passenger seat and open the door about to get in. A “passenger” that was already in the shared Uber shrieks like I am about to steal a car. I quickly realize I am about to sit in the driver seat. Awkward… We ended up having the coolest Airbnb host ever! She even had a house party and we were loving it haha. We wandered the streets of London during our week there and found some really great spots. While we were on the Metro back to our Airbnb we sparked up a conversation with a girl at the train stop and she recommended we check out a place called Richmond park. Two hours later I am feeding a deer a branch from a tree. Proof below. If I were to have looked at her and said yeah sure maybe we can go check it out tomorrow and end up not going I would have missed out on such a magical experience. Open Mindness is Key.

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