How I ended up in Slovakia

I guess this next story is about how plans don’t always go the way they were supposed to go. That being said, I am still having the time of my life and still feel like everything happens for a reason and I am in Slovakia right now for a specific reason and feel like it was meant to be.

So I left you guys off on my last update where I was posting an update from my 24 hour bus ride to Budapest. Not a problem in the world no issues insight. 7 hours into the bus ride I look at my watch and noticed we were 1 hour behind schedule. I look up and start thinking to myself that is strange I have a transfer that leaves 40 minutes after this bus is supposed to arrive in Bologna, where ever that is. You see I bought this ticket through Baltour and they set up both buses for me so I get off one and go onto another one of their buses. Confused, I get up and walk up to the driver and say hey I have a transfer from you guys and if we are an hour behind schedule that bus will leave. He responds saying no don’t worry they always wait. Well that’s great because …”plans always go the way they are supposed to”. I responded saying no that’s not how it works can you call them and tell them to wait. This time they, yes there are two drivers one actually driving and another resting, both look at me and again say no you are fine they always wait. Obviously I was getting nowhere with these clowns. So I go back and sit down in my seat. We get to the station an hour late. I get off and say ok so where is my bus Mr. “They always wait”. After a long pause he responds it appears it left without you. Faaaaaaantastic!

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